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  • VR gamedev unity physics

    [PhysicsVR] Handles

    Some objects, like the crowbar and sledgehammer, have handles which could theoretically be grabbed in many different ways. However, the current implementation meant that these tools always had fixed grab points and could only be held in one way, regardless of where the user initiated the grab. To correct that, we need a system where tools can have the position and length of their handles predefined, and can be grasped in any position along the handle.

  • VR gamedev unity physics

    [PhysicsVR] Fingers interaction

    I have spent the past days implementing the animations of the fingers to physically interact with the obects. In this case an animator isn’t useful at all because the finger should fit objects of different shapes.

  • VR gamedev unity physics

    [PhysicsVR] Tools

    With the force-based hands working, implementing tools is as simple as replacing the “hands” with the desired tool. This did require a slight rework of the code so that the handling of the virtual hands would be done in the controller objects instead of the hand objects. The reason for that is to enable switching between different “hand objects” during runtime. The routines themselves remained mostly unchanged.

  • VR gamedev unity physics

    PhysicsVR: Spring and Grab

    In order to implement the spring mechanics and the ability to grab objects, we both have used rigidbodies and colliders, already present in Unity.

  • VR gamedev unity physics

    Physical Interaction Model for Virtual Reality

    This is an ongoin project that I’ll be updating with new posts as it’s developed. I’m working on this project together with Guilherme Neto Diegoli for the course in Computer Graphics and Interaction at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

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    Fight Avenge Guerrilla